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Avoid music plagiarism Anamon reveals;

Avoid music plagiarism Anamon reveals;

The Nkwasiawuo hit -maker Anamon reveals the unpleasant smell triggering from music plagiarism impacted by musicians regardless the legendary and the infant musicians in Ghana which is a hard nut to crack and rendered as a major challenge bitterly collapsing the music kingdom with a greasy and smeary hands tarnishing the integrity and reputation of the Ghanaian music kingdom eventually

The Nkwasiawuo hit -maker Anamon revealed that in an exclusive interview with the and respectively. He stressed considerably on the fundamental challenge of music plagiarism in attribution to laziness, lack of inexperience, lack of adequate research and poor conspiracy of some musicians currently. He indicated vastly and crucially that, lyrical concepts of some infants and legendary musicians are eventually restructured from existing lyrical concepts of other fellow musicians.

Anamon significantly urged his fellow musicians both the celebrated and the infants to emerge with their own lyrical concepts and genres by positively placing an overwhelming credibility to the international hip-hop Super star and songwriter, “Sethoo Gh” the come back hit-maker as a great musician with astonishing standard who rejects music plagiarism and other super stars like Sixstones, sarkodie, Samini, obour, DL, Stonebwoy, Shatawale and many great legends.The Ghanaian music kingdom will be adequately enriched if artists emerge with their own lyrics and concepts

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