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Crucial 2020 election ‘too close’ for new voters register when census is in March – CDD warns EC

Democracy think the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) has cautioned the Electoral Commission of Ghana to be careful not to plunge Ghana into chaos over its decision to compile a new voters register when time is not favourable

According to CDD, Ghana is holding a population and Housing census in March 2020 which will mean the EC would have to wait for that exercise to finish to have Ghana’s new population data in order to plan for their new register by which time it will be too late.

Speaking in an interview transcribed by, Director of Public Advocacy and Engagement at the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) Prof Kojo Pumpuni Asante said the EC under Jean Mensah must explore alternatives to the creation of a new register.

“There are alternatives to having to do a new one. The big issue is time because there is a census in March. Ideally if there is a census you’ll normally wait for the census to have the right numbers to estimate how many people you have to register. If it comes in March it means it is going to delay when the Voters Register starts. If you’re going to have new machines new systems then it is going to be harder given the time periods and to build confidence going into an election” he said.

He urged the EC to go back to IPAC and re-engage in order to foster understanding.


“I think the issue should go to IPAC because IPAC asked for further information I think if the EC had taken the opportunity it would have been helpful so that people get more understanding. It is not the question of those options, it is about what you can do realistically within the timeframe. And you know the national ID is going on and all”

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