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Fifa World Cup 2022 – Group Stage Draws

Fifa World Cup 2022 – Group Stage Draws

FIFA has announced the Four Pots ahead of the draw, which will comprise 29 teams, including Ghana because the qualifiers will be completed in June.

Pot 1 includes the hosts Qatar as well as the top seven qualified teams.

Pot 2 is made up of the next eight highest-ranked qualifiers, while Pot 3 is made up of the following eight highest-ranked qualified teams after that.

Pot 4 has the next five highest-ranked qualified clubs, as well as placeholders for the two intercontinental play-off winners and the most recent UEFA playoff champion.

Here are the Draw Constraints

In pot 1, Qatar is represented by a different coloured ball and pre-assigned to position A1 as the host country.

The remaining seven top-seeded teams in team pot 1 are automatically drawn into position 1 of reach remaining group B to H.

FIFA’s general principle, whenever possible is to ensure that no group has more than one team from the same qualification zone draw into it. This is applicable to all zones except Europe, which is represented by 13 teams. Each group must have at least one but no more than two European teams drawn into it. Thus five out of the eight groups will have two European teams.

Placeholders for the European playoff slot winner and two intercontinental playoff winners will also follow the general geographical principle of “separation” of teams from the same qualification zone. The geographical allocation of each intercontinental play-off placeholder will be based o the confederation team pairings participating in that specific intercontinental play-off match.

The intercontinental play-off pairings are”

Australia or UAE (AFC team) vs Peru (CONMEBOL team)

Costa Rica (Concacaf team) vs New Zealand (OFC team)

The European play-off

Wales vs Scotland or Ukraine watch below

Group A

Group B

Group C
🇸🇦Saudi Arabia

Group D

Group E
🇨🇷Costarica/New Zealand🇳🇿

Group F

Group G

Group H
🇰🇷South Korea


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