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Just In; Nabco Processing Payment Issues

Just In; Nabco Processing Payment Issues

Nabco is coupled with some challenges including, the issues of trainees arrears and the irregular payment of Nabco trainees stipend.

There are some trainees who still encounter the issue of processing payment and when they check from their portal for the payment history, they always see a remark “Processing Payment”.

These trainees get worried about such a remark,whether they will be paid or not.

As ‘we’ have dedicated our platform in helping to clarify things to trainees and also help them understand the current trend.

With the issue of ‘processing payment’ the following are some reasons for such remarks.

1)Rampant change of e-zwich cards

2)When the Secretariat is still verifying the trainee’s details (e-zwich and other documents), It Could Take Up some days for system validation/verification and Processing Payment

3)Duplicate e-zwich or Nabco Reference

4)Affected trainees might be on another programme (NSS, Forestry e.t.c)

5)Wrong USN

6)Trainees did not upload their timesheet on permitted time

7)If you have “Processing Payment” as a remark on your portal, you should try and access your e-zwich card details with GhIPSS to see whether your card falls within any of the above-listed points.

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