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Lady confesses to poisoning her mother so she can enjoy her dad alone

Wonders they say shall never end. Every day new and strange things keep happening in the world. Your trusted and number one online news site Ghpage.com has come across one shocking story we will share with our cherished readers.

Nigeria is shocked by the confession of a 20-year-old lady who has done an unbelievable thing. The 20-year-old lady by name Sharon is a Nigerian born but based in London(UK).


Sharon is currently in police custody for poisoning her mother. She poisoned her mother to enjoy her dad alone.


Shanon returned from London (UK) after completing the university to serve her motherland, Nigeria. She’s fond of her daddy more than the mother and because of that, she generated strong feelings for her father.


Sharon one day bumped into her father’s room one night when her mother had traveled. She felt lecherous and upon reaching there and seeing her father’s manhood standing tall, she couldn’t help it than to jump on it to satisfy her lustful heart desire.


This affair between father and daughter went on for quite some time without anybody noticing them. One fine morning when the whole family was seated enjoying the sunset, Sharon’s sexual desires set in and to quench this desire, she needed her dad who was then cuddling his wife. Sharon kept signaling her daddy who in turn signaled her to calm down.

Sharon who couldn’t control her drive to go pants down with her father that very morning went in to prepare breakfast for her parents who were already cuddling themselves. She poisoned her mother’s breakfast food.

The mother died before reaching the hospital. The father who later learned what Sharon had done reported to the police where the young girl was arrested. When asked why she killed her mother, all she could say was: “I wanted daddy for myself alone, I wanted to enjoy his manhood. I was attracted to him. I’m sorry daddy”

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