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Nabco-still at post without pay for 5 months

Nabco-still at post without pay for 5 months and therefore demanding payment timeline over 5 months arrears

NABCO Trainees Demand Clear Payment Timeline Over Their 5-Months Unpaid Stipends which has made life unbearable for them hence working without pay is bitter.they expressed to the media on how they manage to attend work with empty stomach.

Trainees are instructed to remain at post since November 2021 up to date and their arrears had not yet settled.

The NABCO trainees of Ghana has issued a release to find out from government over the delay in payment of their five months stipend since November 2021.

According to a release by Nabco trainees, it revealed that NABCO trainees are facing challenges due to the five-months unpaid stipends.

Therefore nabco trainees are demanding significantly for a clear timeline for its delayed 5 months stipend.

They stressed out that, Heal Ghana trainees are also seeking for clarifications over its delayed stipends.


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