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Nabco Trainees fate after E-Levy passage

Nabco Trainees fate after E-Levy passage

They expressed to the media “We need to know our fate as we are still at post in our various placement institutions” is government going to extend the NaBCO programme? What is the way forward for those who have not been integrated into the formal workplace? Some of the trainees appealed to Government through the media.

The government issued that if the E-Levy is being admitted into the economy,it will attract more job opportunities for the unemployed graduates especially the nabco the E-Levy is passed by the Parliament of Ghana.
Therefore nabco trainees are waiting for their permanency as promised.

Some of them asserted that, the remarkable and relentless sacrifices with hard work being demonstrated in the corporate environment must be rewarded with permanency, where one can harness opportunities to upgrade their personal capacity, while also being able to fend for their families.

The government has likewise urged the nabco trainees to exercise patience as their primary initiative is to enhance permanency for all trainees


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