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Obinim speaks on claims that he buys human parts from contract killers

Bishop Daniel Obinim, the founder and leader of International Godsway Church has finally come out to speak on the allegations that he hires contract killers to provide him with human parts.


According to Bishop Daniel Obinim, he has vowed never to come out and speak on any allegations label against him by anyone and he still stands by his words.


However, since he can not personally speak on these allegations, he prayed to God to give him strong and powerful people who will defend him against such attacks and God has answered his prayers.

So since he can’t out and clear the issues, he has strong men and women who will defend him anytime the need be and he is grateful.


And ever since the allegation came out, his junior pastors, church member, and loved ones have defended him strongly and he is grateful.

A few days ago, an audio of a contract killer confessing he provides human parts to Bishop Daniel Obinim leaked online.


In the audio, the contract killer was boasting to a potential client that he is very good at what he does and he even works for the likes of Obinim. He was being hired to kill a subchief in Ashanti Region.



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