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Sethoo Gh discloses convid1k9 is a threat to business and music

Sethoo Gh discloses coronavirus is a threat to the music industry

After the announcement by Director of Public Health at Ghana Health Service, during a press briefing on the current status of coronavirus of the country at the Information Ministry created panic in the country regardless ministries, institutions, industries and co-operative bodies which renders social gatherings and meetings consistently.

The international hip-hop artist and songwriter “Sethoo Gh” has indicated the unpleasant smell coronavirus has negatively and tragically impacted on the music industry worldwide. Sethoo Gh disclosed to the world’s media including NCK entertainment and many more on how coronavirus has created a volatile environment for artists, musicians, songwriters and producers globally

He disclosed the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic on the music industry are loudly heard hence world’s most prestigious festivals are eventually postponing their 2021 editions and celebrations.

The world’s Ultra Music Festivals, SXSW, and other prestigious events has been postponed due to the coronavirus.The negative impressions aftermath has impacted everything from music conferences and award shows this year and music’s financial collapse is already taking its industry-wide toll.

Sethoo Gh therefore indicated that musicians, actors, producers and the music industries must pray to God to avoid all these misfortunes the coronavirus is negatively impacting on our music industries

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