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Sethoo gh interviews with african express kumawood star media today 24th,September 2019

The Americana Sethoo Gh had an exclusive interview with the kumawood star media with the relevance on future of African music
The sensational hip-hop artist and songwriter “Sethoo Gh” the Americana expressed with optimum zeal on the actualization growth and overwhelmingly multitalented power of the African musicians regardless the legendary and the infant musicians
He described the future of the African music to be broadened with vehemently boom multitalented knowledge accommodated by the African music industry and most especially the Ghanaian music industry.

He disclosed that he’s being inspired by his overwhelming funs and followers and his extraordinarily sound engineer “Nayas” and brothers namely Collins and Thompson together with his management for their vehement contributions and inspirations

The Americana futher advised the African musicians to ensure perseverance skills and self determination zeal to be impacted towards the achievement of their self actualization goals. He therefore stressed on the relevance of togetherness and peaceful co- operations among the African music kingdom to progressively ensure firm music industry

The hip-hop burner “Sethoo Gh” the Americana disclosed his self determination with his music talent has positively and tremendouly impacted on his future actualization goals and therefore urged the Ghanaian infant musicians and the legendary to be focused with self determination power to forever achieve their dreams and never be discouraged by the society criticisms and neighbors negative opinions

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